October 07, 2011

IEF: Europe Still Has 450-mm Wafer Role

By: by Peter Clarke, EE Times


SEVILLE, Spain - Despite the fact that chip manufacturers have come together in a project led by Intel Corp. in the Global 450 Consortium that will be based in up-state New York state, Europe has role to play, according to Luc Van den Hove. CEO of research institute IMEC (Leuven, Belgium).

Speaking at the International Electronics Forum being held here, Van den Hove said: "Absolutely there is a role for Europe. We are already working with all these companies. Our role was never to enable a wafer transition."

Van den Hove emphasized that Europe has some of the leading semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials companies and that IMEC would do its part to support them. "We are fully committed to a transition to 450-mm wafers. We will do that in two phases."

To begin with Van den Hove said IMEC's 300-mm wafer fab can host individual machines and systems. Secondly, IMEC will set up a full-flow manufacturing capability on 450-mm wafers in "a few years from now."