September 26, 2007

Forum Examines Issues Of Changing Economic/Technological Landscape

By: by The Business Review


"What a difference a decade makes."

The comment was made by F. Michael Tucker, CEO of the Center for Economic Growth at the Tech Valley Civic Forum Sept. 19 at the Albany NanoTech campus at the state University at Albany.

The event was billed as more than just a conference to discuss the changing landscape, said Judith Saidel, organizer of the forum. Saode, chair of the Nonprofit Executive Roundtable at the University at Albany's Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, described the forum as a launching event that would lead to series of ongoing working groups and task forces that will take the lead in acting on the priorities identified in the forum.

The forum was an invitation-only event that drew more than 100 business, government and educational attended.

The forum was created in response to changes in the region over the past decade that have made the region a player on the national technology scene. Albany NanoTech is a $4.2 billion campus that houses researchers from IBM, Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Intel, Tokyo Electron Ltd.and other key players in the semiconductor industry.

Tucker said it's been a good decade for the Albany, N.Y., area.

"Few among us could have imagined, just 10 short years ago, that by 2007 Tech Valley would be experiencing an economic renaissance that has put the region on the international short list for global technology business locations," he said. "With more than 1,000 new jobs throughout the region and the promise of thousands more -- and with billions of dollars in new public and private sector investment -- including hundreds of millions right here at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Tech Valley is a region on the rise, on the cusp of great opportunity for area residents and newcomers alike."

The invitation-only event drew more than 100 business, government and educational leaders.