November 09, 2006

ENrG Inc. Receives $500,000 NYSERDA Contract For Development Of Advanced Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Insulation

By: by ENrG, Inc.


BUFFALO, NY -- The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has awarded a contract to ENrG Inc. for up to $500,000 to support the development of an “Advanced Insulation for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)Based Power Units”.

ENrG Inc. has developed unique technology that will enhance the insulation package for SOFC power units, enabling SOFC system integrators to further reduce their systems’ mass and size, which is important for many stationary and mobile power applications.  In total, this project will be a $1.3 million effort led by ENrG Inc. (Buffalo, NY), with testing support from Delphi Corporation (based in Troy, MI, with operations in Rochester, NY).  

Peter R. Smith, NYSERDA President and CEO, said, “Reducing diesel fuel use and air pollution is a high priority at NYSERDA. We are pleased to participate in this effort to further the development of fuel flexible, compact SOFC power technology to help bring greater fuel efficiency and cleaner air to our power generation and transportation industries.”

By co-generating power on-site at industrial facilities, commercial businesses, or even residences, the high-grade co-product heat of an SOFC electrical power generating system enables up to 90 percent efficiency in combined heat and electrical power (CHP) generation.  Similarly, heavy-duty trucks will be able to utilize SOFC auxiliary power systems for both heat and electrical power when parked, to save up to 85 percent of the fuel they consume today when idling their main engine, and to likewise reduce idling emissions.  Currently, for the United States in total, extended idling of truck engines consumes around 1 billion gallons of fuel annually, so the SOFC’s national potential for saving fuel and reducing emissions is significant.       

“This SOFC insulation program is very important to ENrG Inc. and to the successful commercialization of SOFC based power systems,” said John A. Olenick, President, ENrG Inc.  “We welcome the opportunity to develop this leading edge technology and thank NYSERDA for recognizing its potential with funding support.”

Acknowledging the benefit to the local business economy, New York State Representative Louise Slaughter commented: "This is another step forward in the development of Western New York as a national hub for fuel cell research. It is an exciting contract that will allow ENrG Inc. to continue to grow and create quality, high-paying jobs for our local economy."

About ENrG Inc.

Founded in 2003, ENrG Inc. is a high technology firm that specializes in designing, developing and fabricating critical ceramic components for clean energy systems such as fuel cells, gas separation, and other membrane technologies. ENrG Inc. works with strategic partners and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to enable the development and production of high-performance, cost-effective ceramic components for their systems. The Buffalo, NY-based company recently added a Class 10,000 clean room coating facility and will be expanding a ceramic membrane fabrication facility in early 2007. ENrG Inc. has developed a number of collaborative relationships with key companies in materials, fuel cell and clean energy industries.

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