July 13, 2006

Patents Issued To Local Residents On The Rise: Index

By: by Richard A. D'Errico, Staff Writer, The Business Review


Patents issued in the second quarter of 2006 are up from the previous quarter, according to the latest Tech Valley Patent Index.

The index, created by the Albany, N.Y., intellectual property law firm Hoffman, Warnick & D'Alessandro LLC, follows patents issued to inventors living in the Capital Region and living in the larger Tech Valley region, and also looks at how those regions are doing without including employees of IBM and GE.

In the second quarter, the Capital Region inventors received 196 patents, up from 172 in the first quarter. In Tech Valley, an 18-county region that runs north to the Canadian border down to Dutchess County, 597 patents were issued, up from 539 in the previous quarter.

The Capital Region's patents without GE rose from 61 in the first quarter to 80 in the second quarter. In Tech Valley, 303 patents were issued in the second quarter, not including GE and IBM influence, up from 258 in the first quarter.

Spencer Warnick, a partner in the firm, said the results are beginning to prove why the firm started the index in the first place.

"This is the start of what we originally anticipated as a growth trend, particularly for the Capital Region," Warnick said. "The research conducted at such places as Albany NanoTech, RPI, GE and other locations is beginning to result in much higher numbers of issued patents to local inventors."

Warnick expects the number to keep rising.

"The addition of AMD in the near future will further strengthen Tech Valley and we expect the patent index to further prove Tech Valley's prowess as the up and coming region in the United States," he said.